Our teams

Platform Team

As part of the Techona Platform Team, we use edge-cutting technologies to develop for our customers the top-quality back-end functionality that supports our e-gaming business solution; in other words, databases, APIs, front-end and even game widgets.

Games Team

We are responsible for the development and improvement of online games to augment our growing online games portfolio, as well as implementing new features on existing games, with the highest quality. We are also responsible for the development of new features in the product architecture related to games, including all phases of the projects from analysis, design, implementation and deployment, to all layers from database to front end.

Creative Studio

We are responsible for making top-of-industry games happen from conceiving game mechanics, logic and features to creating outstanding game experiences with state-of-the-art game illustrations and animations.

Support Team

We don’t just forward tickets to other engineers; we troubleshoot incidents and handle requests from clients with the support of expert teams. We proactively monitor our platform, predict problems, and even deploy new releases of our products.

DevOps Team

DevOps facilitates the connection between development and production, and takes on the maintenance, research, evaluation, implementation and development of deployment tools, and other various solutions and procedures that bring value to all the areas of the company.

IT Admin

We support, monitor, troubleshoot and improve the performance of customer and company information systems, servers, networks and databases. We are basically in charge of 3 primary and related areas: Server Administration, Customers/Production Infrastructure Administration and Network Support. IT Admin also monitors and supports customer and company routers, firewalls, internet connections and servers. And for some we are simply the go-to guys when something is wrong with printer or their computers.

HR and Operations Team

We take care of all Techonians. We make sure everyone works in friendly and professional environment with clear expectations and vision; and, of course, we prepare all team events and parties.

Product team

The Product team is responsible for over-viewing the life-cycle of Techona’s products – building vision and implementing strategy, roadmaps, and features definition for our games, our front-end and back-end solutions. The team works on UX and designs, produces supporting documentation as well as copywriting pieces that complement our product deliveries; and is also occasionally tasked with marketing, and market and competitive analyses.