Tell us your vision and we’ll develop the tools to make it into a reality.


Techona has a team of software engineers that can create and build any business tools to suit the needs of your growing company. From data managements and reporting to technology that is completely unique to your business we have the means and knowledge to develop whatever you need.


E-Commerce is evolving at a rapid pace. It now accounts for 10% of all retail shopping and this number is growing each year. Techona knows the strength of the e-commerce space and have developed one of the strongest and most secure payment solution available to date. Our feature-rich gateway will give your small to medium size business the same payment power as some of the largest e-commerce businesses out there. If you are interested in learning more about our payment solution and how it can revolutionize your e-commerce business contact us today!

Online Marketing

At Techona we understand that Marketing is essential for any online business but for some businesses they just don’t have the resources to add a marketing team, therefore we have now added online marketing services to our repertoire. Techona’s staff of professional marketers will collaborate with you to develop the perfect marketing strategy. Weather its building an Affiliate Program, creating promotions or just retaining your customers we will come up with the perfect marketing solution for your company.